What can Appearance Attorneys Do for You?

Court appearance attorneys are the first help when the time is of the essence. An unexpected phone call may ruin all your plans, or things may be so tough that traveling to the courthouse and back might be the last thing you can handle.

The situations when court appearance attorney can be helpful are numerous. Here are some of them.


Update the Judge on the Case Status

Sometimes you need to appear in court with the simple task of updating the judge on the case status. Appearance attorney can handle such matters most efficiently as they may be closer to the courthouse or have more free time.


Confer with the Opposing Party

An attorney of record may need to confer with the opposing party, e.g., before filing a motion. The attorney of the moving party may confer with the attorney of the affected party to determine whether the motion is opposed.

You may need to confer with the opposing attorney when you schedule a hearing or set a deposition date. Many courts have adopted local rules that require the parties to cooperate in the scheduling of proceedings, including depositions. Failing to appear to such meetings may not be excused, and judges may have little patience when parties who fail to appear.


Advocate Your Position

Court appearance attorney will appear and present the position of the attorney of record to the court. They can advocate your position but they may not speak on your behalf. The attorney on demand can also immediately contact your office during the hearing if further instructions are needed.


Provide documentation

There is no sense of spending 2-3 hours traveling to court and back to provide missing documentation. Hiring an appearance attorney, you will save time and money on more mandatory tasks.


Pick up an Order

An attorney of record may need to pick up the court order, which is the official proclamation by a judge defining the legal relationships between the parties to a hearing or other court proceedings. If you have nothing more to do in the court other than picking up the court order, you can assign this task to a court appearance attorney.


Types of Hearings Court Appearance Professionals Cover

Court appearance professionals can appear to settlement conferences, motions, court trials, jury trials, depositions, mediations, foreclosures, subrogations, arbitrations, status conferences, orders to show cause, post-judgments, calendar calls, case management conferences, pre-trial, preliminary conferences and more.


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