Court Appearance Attorneys for All Types of Appearances

AppearMe, a web and mobile app matches appearance attorneys with attorneys of record for all types of appearances. We have thousands of lawyers registered in the states of Nevada and California. The app has made it possible to find appearance attorneys within a minute. This is something you wouldn’t believe a couple of years ago, but the technological advancement has made it a reality.


Appearance Attorneys Using AppearMe Can Handle All Type of Appearances

Appearance attorneys using AppearMe can cover appearances for the following types of hearings.


Civil cases:

  •         General/motions
  •         CMC
  •         Ex Parte
  •         MSJ
  •         Pretrial
  •         Trial setting conferences


Bankruptcy cases:

  •         General/motions
  •         Chapter 7/13 Hearings
  •         Ex Parte
  •         Status Conference


Criminal cases:

  •         Arraignment
  •         Continuance
  •         Ex Parte
  •         Expungement Hearing
  •         General/Other
  •         Pretrial
  •         Mandatory Appearance
  •         Settlement conference
  •         Trial Setting Conference
  •         Traffic Trial


Family law cases:

  •         General/Other
  •         Ex Parte


Immigration cases:

  •         General/Other
  •         Ex Parte


A single appearance is typically 1 to 1.5 hours. If the hearing is rescheduled, that constitutes as a separate appearance. In case of overtime work, the appearance attorney should be paid in the amount of base rate which is calculated on an hourly basis.


We Recommend to Sign up to AppearMe Without any Commitments

You can apply for the help of AppearMe only in critical situations or when the stress level is too high or any time you need a help of an appearance attorney. It is а legal tool in your arsenal that you can put in an application when things get out of control.

Attorneys of record may want to sign up to AppearMe because of tough deadlines, a high level of stress or a heavy workload while AppearMe is a source of steady income for appearance attorneys. The latter can make money while doing their regular work and keeping to flexibility in what they do.

We have created a portal of attorneys that is user-friendly and most importantly needed for attorneys. Thousands of lawyers already use the app and you can be one of them. This is an offer where you don’t lose anything while gaining time and money whenever you need.

Sync with your favorite calendar whether it is Google, ICal, Yahoo or Outlook. Get started on the Web or download from App Store or Google Play Store. AppearMe is something all lawyers need to have in their arsenal. With AppearMe you are on the winning side anyway.

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