The Mobile App that Helps with Court Appearance Coverage

Court appearance coverage has made inroads into the realm of mobile applications. Now you can call a special appearance lawyer never leaving the walls of the law office. Finding an appearance attorney has become easy with the latest innovations in technology with a new startup called AppearMe facilitating the bridge between the attorneys of record and the appearance attorneys.


What is AppearMe?

AppearMe is a web and mobile on-demand application that matches attorneys of record with appearance attorneys. What it means in real life is that you can find an appearance attorney within minutes just by a simple touch of the screen.

Thousands of lawyers are already registered in the states of Nevada and California. We have special appearance lawyers in Paradise, Las Vegas, Henderson, Los Angeles and more.


Why Sign up to AppearMe?

As lawyers, we are aware of the tough schedule of legal professionals. Attorneys of record cannot handle each hearing appearing physically to courthouses in critical times. Finding an appearance attorney who can appear on your behalf is a solution to touch and go situations. You may want to find a special appearance lawyer because of a heavy workload, tough deadlines or a high level of stress.

We recommend to sign up to AppearMe without any commitments. What does this mean? This means that we don’t charge you for signing up and that you can use the application when needed or desired. AppearMe is a legal tool that you can use only in case you need an appearance attorney. You don’t need to wait hours and even days for an agency to locate a special appearance lawyer for you. Forget about the hassle!


How Much should I Pay?

Naturally, appearance attorney services are not free of charge. The normal price for appearance is $70, including a $10 processing fee. To have an idea about the costs of hiring an appearance attorney, refer to these examples. General hearings, motions, CMC cost $70. The cost of Ex Parte is $140, including $60 fee to be paid to the court. For a complete guide of our pricing, follow this link.


How can I Sign up to AppearMe?

You can sign up to AppearMe with 2 easy steps here. You need to fill in your full name, email, and password. Once you do that, you will be guided to step 2. In step 2, you need to choose the state of California or Nevada, fill in the bar number, phone number, and accept the Terms of Use. Now you will be asked to check your email and activate your account following the account activation instructions sent to your email. Your account will be activated within 24 hours. Once verified, you can start submitting and accepting appearance requests.

Simple, fast and most importantly extremely useful for attorneys. We wait for you to be part of a big team of attorneys! Sign up to AppearMe and never get into trouble again.

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