6 Ways to Successfully Prove Yourself as a Licensed Young Lawyer

As a licensed young lawyer, do you feel like you are working day and night but it is still not enough?

Before diving into reading the answers to this question let us clarify what kind of challenges young lawyers face every day. The life of licensed young lawyers is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. Having all the great qualities a lawyer needs, for example, good communication skills, analytical skills, research skills, etc., is not enough. You should be skillful enough to find and to attract clients for yourselves. To be business-oriented is crucial. If you are a licensed young lawyer with kind of an introverted character then you are missing out a lot in the law industry.

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Now let us move on and find out how to succeed as a licensed young lawyer.

Ask for help

The first and the most important thing is to never be afraid to ask for help. In case you find yourself being overwhelmed, feel free to seek advice from another lawyer about how to best tackle a problem. The possibility of another attorney having dealt with the same problem is really high. So he/she can provide guidance. Mostly licensed young lawyers are ambitious and confident by nature. This is really great but it can also be destructive at some point. It is never shameful to ask when you do not know something. It is not ok when you do not know something and do not even try to find out the answer to your question. So go ahead and ask for help if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Keep learning

As the law is constantly evolving, you have to make sure you evolve as well. You should strive to become a better lawyer every day. It is a good idea to determine an area of law that you would like to master and educate yourself. In case you do not have the time to attend more seminars, consider listening to CLE tapes in your car or at home whenever you have time.

Find an attorney who you admire

There is something about finding and maintaining positive mentor relationships. Having an attorney as your mentor and helping you out through the way will be very useful for you. This is another way to succeed in proving yourself as a licensed lawyer. Just try to find better attorneys and emulate what they do. A great way is to identify a lawyer who mirrors what you want to be. However, this is not easy itself. What you have to do is to try and work with an attorney who you admire. Always ask yourself what he/she is doing that you are not doing. And also what he/she is not doing what you are doing. This is a great way to improve yourself.

Work as hard as you can

Try your best to work as hard as you can. Always arrive on time and stay until the job is done. Meeting your deadlines is also crucial. Ask assigning attorneys what they expect of you and what their opinion about your work is. In other words, seek negative and positive feedback about your performance. It is better not to wait until evaluations for feedback.

Attend networking events

You can easily find networking events that will be full of people who care about the industry you are in and the issues you are trying to solve. Go ahead and attend those events as often as you can. Your aim is becoming an expert in what you are doing. You can really learn a lot from the mentioned events.

Keep a balance in your life

Remember that creating a work/life balance is very important in your career. Sadly, most young attorneys are so busy advocating for others that they forget to advocate for themselves. You should organize your work life and personal life so you have a clear picture of your obligations both inside and outside the office. And, yes, no matter what, always try to meet your deadlines.

These were the seven ways to successfully prove yourself as a licensed young lawyer that we had picked out for you. The success lies in hard work. If you want it you can do it. We wish you good luck.



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