AppearMe Works Too Fast for Its Users – One Minute to Find an Appearance Attorney

I know the title is funny but we are serious. About a week ago we have launched the latest version of our web and mobile apps. Faster and more efficient than ever, AppearMe took the time to find an appearance attorney to new heights, or maybe lows since the time it takes is lower than ever. ONE MINUTE! Yes, the average time from submitting your case and having someone accept the appearance is now one minute, that’s 60 seconds.

So what’s the problem? Attorneys who check their emails or mobile notifications only once an hour or those who do not respond to their email “Ding” notifications on time miss out on a chance to claim an appearance. Yes in the “good old’ days” it took us hours to find an appearance attorney, but it’s time to accept the reality. It takes minutes.

AppearMe is revolutionizing how the 21st century attorney works, hires other attorneys and schedules appearances. We highly recommend the users to download our iPhone or Android apps and turn all notifications on. Our incredible tools allow attorneys to have a completely and fully scheduled day in court. Gone are the days when you make a trip to the courthouse for only one case/ appearance. You can even pick up an appearance while waiting in the courtroom, in real time. Whether you need this a month ahead of time or an hour before the hearing, AppearMe is the only tool you can use for the fast and reliable solution.

how appearme works

We are here to help you save money and time. We will help you have extra hours in the day to play catch with your kid, to go out on a surprise lunch date with your significant other, to sleep in a bit more – while someone else is taking care of your appearance!

Happy Holidays!

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