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Digital Recorders Won’t Substitute Court Reporters: Here’s Why

Over the years, technology has revolutionized our world and our daily lives. It has created amazing tools and resources, making our lives easier, faster, and […]


How does AppearMe Work? All Advantages at a Glance

Legal business without technology is like the Internet without electricity. Today everything from client communication to document management to billing is done by high-class modern […]


Benefits from the Use of Appearance Attorney Services

All lawyers need help in court coverage and this is something not new. Tight deadlines, a heavy caseload, and conflicting court dates may hold you […]


The Service of Attorneys to Go is Affordable Through AppearMe

New apps are popping up every day, but some stand out. AppearMe is one of those! It has been designed specifically to help busy lawyers […]


Texas Lawyer Referral Service

When you need a lawyer in Texas but unsure where to begin, we advise you to contact AppearMe. Though we are not a Texas lawyer […]


How to Avoid Frequent Interruptions by Court Reporters

Interruption by court reporters might be familiar to you. There is nothing more frustrating than being frequently interrupted by a court reporter when you think […]


5 Greatest Benefits of AppearMe You Didn’t Know About

Let’s face it: There are apps for everything these days. 2 million apps are available in the Apple’s App store and 2.6 million on Google […]


Court Reporters Do More than Court Testimony

“What do you do?” “I’m a court reporter!” “What’s that?” “Do you know the person who sits in front of the judge in the courtroom […]


Gain Experience with AppearMe as an Appearance Attorney

AppearMe will make the process of finding an appearance attorney as effortless as possible. With our website or the mobile apps, you can find an […]


AppearMe vs the Traditional Way of Hiring an Appearance Attorney

If you are a lawyer, there’s a good chance sometimes you need to find an appearance attorney to cover a hearing on your behalf. However, […]

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