Become Part of a Growing Freelance Attorney Network

Working as a freelance attorney is appealing for many reasons. It offers flexible hours, and control over your workload. So it comes as no surprise that so many attorneys are starting to look for freelance opportunities.

If you have decided to freelance, you’re probably wondering how and where you can find clients (aka, other attorneys) to hire you.

Good news! New opportunities are a click away with AppearMe. It’s a real-time and on-demand web and mobile application that connects freelance lawyers with a diverse range of legal tasks, from court appearances to legal research, and writing assignments. AppearMe offers:

Flexibility: Contract attorneys have the freedom to choose the projects they work on and the hours they dedicate to their legal work.

Variety of Projects: AppearMe provides access to a wide range of legal tasks and practice areas, enabling freelancers to gain experience in different areas of the law.

Increased Income: By taking on additional legal work with AppearMe, freelance attorneys can supplement their income and expand their professional network.

Streamlined Workflow: The app handles administrative tasks such as job posting, invoicing, and payment processing, allowing contract attorneys to focus on delivering high-quality legal services.


More Reasons to Join AppearMe’s Network of Freelance Attorneys

Find Work in Less Than a Minute: With AppearMe, you can connect with lawyers in need of your services in 60 seconds. This is one of the features that sets AppearMe apart. So you never have to reach out to your network, let friends know you’re freelancing, or use freelance job sites to get clients.

Get Access to a Wide Range of Projects: AppearMe connects freelancers with a diverse pool of clients. So, you can find work that matches your skill set, availability, and interest areas. The most common types of work that attorneys of record post include Research Memos, Legal writing, Legal documentation drafting, reviewing, and analysis, Writing or answering a complaint, Legal research, Agreements, Contract Review, Drafting a lawsuit, Drafting a demand letter, Writing Wills and Trusts Package, Responding to a Discovery Set, Case Summaries, Drafting Deposition Questions, Leases.

Transparent and Secure Payment System: With AppearMe, payments are processed securely and transparently. We handle the payment process, ensuring that you receive compensation for your services on time. You will get paid the moment you complete your task through our secure payment system.

Secure and Efficient Communication: Contract attorneys can securely chat, share files, ask questions, and provide updates without leaving the app.

Hire & Get Hired: You can sign up as an attorney of record and submit requests when you need extra help, or find clients when you need extra income. No need to create separate accounts!


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Not an AppearMe user? Sign up now, and become a part of our growing network with over 10,000 appearance, deposition, and freelance attorneys! Work as much or as little as you want, take the assignments you want and increase your billable hours.

To get started, download the AppearMe mobile app (App Store or Google Play) or create your free account through our website. You will get a confirmation email once we verify your information.

Once verified, you will receive instant notifications and emails on your mobile device every time a legal task is posted on the platform. All you need is to click on the “Interested” button.

Once the attorney of record picks you, get ready to complete the task. Lastly, receive compensation for your work through our secure payment system.

If you have questions about our freelance legal services, visit our FAQ page for answers to common questions or contact us directly at (888) 900-3080 or [email protected].