Streamline Your Law Firm Operations With AppearMe

Whether you are a big law firm, a small law firm or a solo practitioner, there is one thing you cannot deny: there are times when you cannot handle each and every task and you simply need a helping hand. Many of us have been in your shoes and we know what it means to get a call from a potential client when you are just about to head to a courthouse for an appearance. Or maybe you have to submit a case summary? Draft a subpoena? Summarize records? If you want an answer to all these situations, keep on reading this article. You will learn about a mobile and web application that is handy in many extreme situations. Most importantly, it is free to sign up. Become a member free of charge and streamline your law firm operations with AppearMe! Get things straight right away! 


What Do We Offer to a Law Firm or a Solo Practitioner?

Get it simple and fast: we all know that last hour deal when you have to do 2 or even 3 tasks at a time. Hectic? Nervous? Don’t even have a minute to talk to a colleague? Yes! We know these times! We have been there! When you get a helping hand in such situations, you feel so much relief and have a sense of gratitude to that person.

Exactly! You will have a sense of gratitude to AppearMe and the attorney that took a part of your workload! I bet, you will! 

What if I say the whole hiring process takes 2-3 minutes? Once you become a member (absolutely free!), you can start posting and accepting job offers. No more phone calls! No delays! Everything is 100% automatic. This is the digital age! Take full advantage today!

Get control of the whole hiring process, pay only when satisfied: you have the chance to pay the attorney only when you are content with his or her job. Quite a great incentive for the attorney to do his best! And yes, attorneys registered with AppearMe strive for the best! 

Take full advantage of AppearMe services: whether it’s a court appearance, a deposition, a court reporting job, an interpreting job or a legal freelancing, we are here to help! You can even refer an entire case and get case referrals. Whatever you want! Just have the app in your pocket. Things will come to you automatically and without unnecessary efforts by you!

Get the app! Download from App Store and Google Play or simply get started on the web!


And Yes! We’ll Help You Get Registered!

If you cannot sign up right away and become a member for good, our 24/7 Customer Support Heroes are right here to assist you. Time to modernize your legal practice techniques! Sign up to the app FOR FREE or call us at (888) 900-3080.

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