From Solo Lawyers to Large Law Firms: They All Use AppearMe for Efficiency and Growth

Attorneys and law firms all over the world constantly look for new ways to increase their efficiency and drive productivity. The truth is, every attorney and law firm, no matter the size, aspires to become more productive since they understand the fact that efficiency and productivity are what they need to help the business grow. Moreover, the legal sector has embraced that technology is playing a critical role in making necessary changes and tackling the problems in the legal industry. 


Increase Your Productivity with AppearMe – A Free Web and Mobile Application for Attorneys and Law Firm

AppearMe, the largest litigation support provider, stands on the brink of the LawTech revolution  aimed to essentially alter the working practice of attorneys and law firms by helping them to save their time & money and improve efficiency. Being a tech-driven law startup, AppearMe provides all-inclusive solutions and services for lawyers and law firms in order to increase their business growth curve and boost their career. 

A constantly growing number of solo lawyers and law firms use AppearMe free web & mobile application to find appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, legal freelancers, court reporters, and interpreters within 60 seconds. AppearMe has been developed in a way to save you time as everything happens in a matter of minutes, including request making, committal, and payment. 

AppearMe application is simple and user-oriented. Following just a several-step process, solo attorneys and law firms submit a request and receive immediate responses. Attorneys need to act fast to get matched with the law firm. As for law firms, they automatically receive the information of 5 freelance attorneys in a few seconds and select an attorney who is perfect for the assigned task. 

As you can see, AppearMe is designed to be as fast and efficient as possible. That’s way, AppearMe provides fully automatic and stress-free invoicing and billing systems so law firms and solo lawyers can pay or get paid minutes after the appearance or assignment compilation. Need more awesome features and outstanding efficiency? AppearMe freed you up from the dull work of finding court addresses and department phone numbers by providing you all the necessary information.

AppearMe welcomes all lawyers and law firms to be a part of the largest and fast-growing network. Download the application App Store or Google Play or visit to open an account. 

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