From Pricing Your Appearance to All the Court Info You Will Ever Need – AppearMe Continues to Disrupt How Appearance Attorneys are Hired

AppearMe continues to revolutionize how special appearances are managed with its latest update to the already popular and powerful web and mobile app for attorneys. Besides being able to find an appearance attorney within minutes, the users can do so even better by giving a custom price for their appearance request. In addition, now attorneys have complete court information, including the full address and department phone numbers, under their fingertips with every appearance request in the system. These and many design changes have been introduced to make AppearMe even more awesome!

appearance attorneysPrice Your Appearance

With the current updates AppearMe lets the attorneys of record price their own appearances. When creating an appearance request, attorneys can offer a higher price than the minimum listed for a given appearance type. This feature is useful for those who need urgent appearances, appearances that are further away from major metropolitan cities and for any other reason that one might be willing to offer a more competitive payout. Offering a relatively higher amount of money for a single appearance will lead to faster acceptance of the appearance request by an appearance attorney.

Have the Full Court Address

Having the full court address, department and the appropriate phone numbers will make everyone’s day easier. Having appearance-related information all in one place makes it easier to find the courthouse and even call the clerk with questions or requests to call your case at a later time if you happen to run late due to traffic or other reasons.

Invite Your Attorney Friends

To make AppearMe even more powerful, the company is suggesting its members to invite their attorney friends to join the network. Using an easy-to-use invitation form, the current members can submit names and email addresses of anyone who they think will like the network. For every invited attorney that joins AppearMe the inviter will receive $5 cash deposited into their account on file.   

AppearMe is a real-time and on-demand web and mobile app that connects thousands of attorneys within minutes. It lets you find appearance attorneys or court appearances even 10 minutes prior to the appearance time.

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