How Do Orange County Appearance Attorneys Make Money?

Some lawyers have no clue how to find side jobs, and they think other lawyers have a magic wand that brings them new clients. They start aggressively marketing themselves making hundreds of phone calls to law firms and telling the world about themselves. They don’t know one simple thing. It’s not about pushing hard. It’s about pushing in the right direction. A lot of Orange County appearance attorneys have found this application which supplies them with a stable source of jobs. We are speaking about AppearMe – a portal designed to match attorneys of record with appearance attorneys.



How Do Orange County Appearance Attorneys Normally Find Jobs?

Picture yourself sitting in a cafe shop chatting with your friend and then bung! You get a push notification on your mobile that someone needs an attorney to cover a court hearing in a couple of hours. Without winking your eye, you accept the offer and continue your chat with your friend. Since you accepted the offer in your neighborhood, you don’t even think of traveling long hours. You need to deliver a couple of documents and submit a report.

Next, the application transfers the amount minus the processing fee to your bank account after you submit the report and close the assignment. The invoicing and billing are automatic in the portal so no need to worry about late payments. For our pricing click here.

What happens next? After covering the assignment and getting paid, you have no further commitments to AppearMe until you accept another offer.



How To Do To Become a User?

The best thing about the app (App Store or Google Play) is that you don’t pay to get registered. It is a free of charge application for appearance attorneys. Attorneys of record pay when they post an offer and someone accepts it.

If you are not a user of AppearMe, we encourage you to sign up. You will get endless job offers, immediate and automatic payment and no further commitments to the application. You will hardly find another agency in the market that will offer you the same benefits.

Read our ”About us” and ”Help” pages. When you are ready, please sign up or contact our staff for more info.


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