New York Lawyer Referral Service

If you are a lawyer in New York, you may have the need to refer a case to another attorney. This is a very common practice and New York lawyers use the services of various lawyer referral services to find an attorney. These services have been in the public domain for many years and have helped the lawyers and clients to locate a competent attorney for their cases. But the time has come when attorneys can locate another attorney through a web and mobile application. Now you can find a lawyer by a click of a mouse instead of applying to a New York lawyer referral service or case referral service.


Why Pay for Initial Consultation at a New York Lawyer Referral Service?

Normally, if you are referred to an attorney through a lawyer referral service, the attorney will provide you with a half-hour consultation for a fee ranging from $35. You then decide the matter with the lawyer and decide what further action to take. If you decide not to assign the job to the attorney, you still have to pay $35, quite a loss of money.

We offer you something better. You can review the profiles of 5 or more attorneys online and talk to the selected attorney absolutely free. There is no obligation to hire the attorney, and you can still search for the right lawyer without paying anything.

This advantage of AppearMe over other lawyer referral services have made the app the favorite tool of many attorneys.


Other Advantages of AppearMe

Another advantage of AppearMe over other case referral services is that you can find a lawyer by a click of your mouse. You make a request on the web or your device and wait till another attorney accepts it. The maximum time that you need to wait is not more than 1 or 2 minutes. Several attorneys will apply, and you can select among 5 or more attorneys. All is done through a 100% automatic app and has proved its efficiency in the market.


What are My Responsibilities Under New York Case Referral Service?

Even if you find a lawyer through AppearMe, you still have to abide by the state bar rules and regulations. Particularly, all fees must be honored and paid in accordance with state bar rules and regulations. Here are some other obligations a lawyer has when referring a case in New York.

Under New York codes, the referring attorney needs to perform services in connection with the case, or they must assume “joint responsibility” for the legal representation. Also, the rules state:

  • The client must consent in writing to the fee division after being informed about the arrangement
  • The division of fees must be proportionate to the services rendered by each lawyer
  • The total fees of all the lawyers must not exceed “reasonable compensation for all legal services…rendered the client.” [DR 2-107(A)(3).]

…A lawyer should only refer a matter to a lawyer whom [sic] the referring lawyer reasonably believes is competent to handle the matter. If the referring lawyer knows that the lawyer to whom the matter was referred has engaged in a violation of these Rules, the referring lawyer should take appropriate steps to protect the interests of the client.


Sign Up to AppearMe to Gain Advantage

You can sign up to the application absolutely free. When you become a user of the app, you can post and accept job offers as an appearance attorney, deposition attorney, find a court reporter and refer cases or get case referrals. This package of services is absolutely free for lawyers. They only pay per match. In case of case referrals, all arrangements are made between the two attorneys.

Take your chance to be an effective lawyer and use AppearMe instead of a case referral service! Contact AppearMe by dialing (888) 900-3080 or sending an email to [email protected].

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