How to Become a Court Interpreter in New York?

It’s great to work as a court interpreter or a deposition interpreter in New York! Attractive salary (ranging from $54,000-$58,000), opportunities for work-life balance (work as a per diem interpreter) and prestigious job. This is what court interpreting in New York suggests! If you want to become one or are a court interpreter in New York, this article is for you! Read to learn about the steps to become a court interpreter in New York and find hundreds of job opportunities when you are already one.


Steps to Become a Court Interpreter in New York

Being a court interpreter takes hard work and specialized knowledge. In order to become a certified court interpreter in New York you must complete the following steps:

1: Pass the Written Test

2: Pass the Oral Test

3: Undergo a criminal history investigation.

The written test measures the candidate’s English language proficiency and knowledge of legal terminology. There are 75 questions that must be completed within 90 minutes.

The oral examination is designed to assess the candidate’s ability to interpret to and from their target language accurately. The exam consists of 6 parts, including English Sight Translation, Foreign Language Sight Translation, Consecutive Question and Answer (English and the Foreign Language), One-Voice Simultaneous (English), One-Voice Simultaneous (Foreign Language), Two-Voice Simultaneous (English).

Not all venues in New York require certified interpreters, but all interpreters are required at minimum to pass a written, multiple choice English proficiency examination.


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