How to Get a Client as a Freelance Attorney?

The emerging technology and new ways of doing business have opened doors to a new type of legal practice. A lot of law firms and legal professionals are outsourcing to freelancers to handle work overflow. According to Forbes, freelancers now make up 35% of the U.S. workforce. The question is how to find clients.

The answer is simple. It’s all about networking! Having the right connections is what matters and not only by an “elevator speech.” Today’s technology and new ways of business create unprecedented opportunities for legal networking which were nonexistent just a couple of years ago.

And you don’t even need to hang out in courthouses to meet attorneys. A lot of legal start-ups have emerged that match attorney for outsourcing. There are businesses out there that do the job for you such as Attorneys On Demand and AppearMe.


Need a Freelance Attorney? AppearMe Can Help

AppearMe is a startup that specializes in matching attorneys of record with appearance attorneys. The average time of committal is 60 seconds. AppearMe is a connecting portal for attorneys of record and appearance attorneys. The attorneys of record post-court appearance assignments using the automated portal and the appearance attorney registered in the same portal commit to these assignments.

Freelancers like the idea of taking up job assignments whenever they need or want. The flexible work schedule allows them to fit into their lifestyle, yet not to worry about the stable source of income. Multiple job offers are posted in a day, and you can get a couple if you act fast. The process is automatic and easy to use. The loyal customers of AppearMe appreciate the efficiency, the fast speed, the security and full automation of the app.

To know more about AppearMe, read AppearMe blog or contact the staff.

It’s time to turn on to new ways of doing business. After all, those who will walk in line with the growing demands of the legal practice will be the ones to succeed.

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