Get Freelance Attorney Jobs Without the Red Tape! Hire Instantly!

Who likes bureaucratic rules that take away time and create unnecessary barriers for quick action? In this digital age, it’s time to bypass such formalities and get to business right away. We created our app having in mind the busy schedule of lawyers. No need to fill in long forms or wait for an overbusy agency to administer your issue when it comes to hiring legal professionals. You can assign freelance attorney jobs instantly through an automatic application where everything from request making to invoicing and payment is managed by technology with little human intervention. 

Ready for a shift? Learn about AppearMe – a mobile(App Store or Google Play) and web app with a totally new approach to legal hiring. 


Assign Freelance Attorney Jobs Instantly

Hiring legal professionals with AppearMe is a matter of minutes. In this hectic time when piles of documents are waiting on your desk, no one wants to spend time on a simple thing like delegating research documents to a fellow lawyer. There is nothing better than keeping the focus on more essential tasks. 

You know it better. We have all been there. Destruction is the devil of attorney work. Below is an answer to the key question “why do I need this?” Yes, exactly, why? Let’s get into the right frame of mind and things will work out on their own.


Why Do I Need This App?

Firstly, think about emergencies. How many times have you been short of deadlines and felt panic and annoyance? How many times have you promised yourself not to take too much work? We have all been there. We know how you feel.

Should I tell you a little secret? Smart lawyers do not turn down offers. They simply delegate. Yes, exactly, delegate! Lawyers that make the most money do assign legal jobs and sometimes even a couple of hours before the deadline. With our app, you will always find someone ready and capable to complete the assignment. Most importantly, you will spend 2-3 minutes of your time on delegation.

Secondly, think of priorities. It’s not a secret that some jobs bring more money than others. Set your priorities and assign less significant tasks to a fellow attorney. You will save time and money by assigning jobs to others.

Lastly, life is short and you do really need those precious minutes spent with family and friends. It happens that you are just not in the mood to draft your deposition questions and more importantly appear to deposition. It happens to me all the time. Best advice? Do not force yourself. You will accomplish a lot more afterwards if you just do a big favor to yourself and have a cup of cappuccino instead when a fellow attorney works on your subpoena.


Sign Up for Free 

Now that you realize how important delegation is at times, let me tell you something as someone smart enough not to jump on apps right away without considering the costs. AppearMe is free to use – no advance payments, no subscription fee, no hidden costs. It’s absolutely free of charge. The hiring attorney pays per assignment with a clear understanding of the costs he or she is going to bear. Simply have it on your mobile and use it whenever you need or want.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 customer support heroes (call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected]). But first, visit our page at and learn about our features. If you like the app, sign up without a second thought. You will be amazed at its net value in times when you just cannot make everything on your own. 

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