2 Minutes to Sign up and 60 Seconds to Find a Court Appearance Attorney

It has never been so easy and fast to find a court appearance attorney to share some of your legal duties and lighten your daily load a bit. AppearMe is a cutting edge web and mobile app that serves as a bridge between appearance attorneys and attorneys of record. It is designed to save your precious time and money as an attorney of record and, at them same time, bring benefits to the appearance attorneys.

We are aware that every minute counts in your fast-paced day as an attorney. We know that usually, you are overburdened with plenty of legal duties and responsibilities. It is clear that this can be stressful and irritating sometimes. That is why we have created an effective and advanced system to help you handle your increased workload on time and within budget. With AppearMe, it takes you only 2 minutes to sign up and 60 seconds to find a court appearance attorney who will make a court appearance on your behalf.


AppearMe: Time Savvy and Real-Time App for Finding a Court Appearance Attorney

Not enough hours in a day to get everything done? No worries. AppearMe is here to take the edge off your tough schedule as an attorney. It is a real-time app made by attorneys to serve attorneys. AppearMe has revolutionized the way court appearances are handled. Now you are able to find an appearance attorney merely in one click. All you need to do is to fill out all the fields and sign up to AppearMe within 2 minutes. Once you are already in the portal, you can take advantages of accepting and requesting appearance requests in 60 seconds. Signing up to AppearMe is completely free. You are only charged for the service and a small processing fee for each appearance.

Covering court hearings, appearances or pre-trial conferences is not a problem for attorneys of records anymore. AppearMe gives you the advantage of effectively organizing your day by sharing your court attendances with other professional attorneys and dedicating your precious time to more important assignments.


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