3 Easy Steps on how to get an Appearance Attorney

As time goes on, the number of things we become responsible for only go up. Work, important meetings, and family shores are just a few of those. Day to day activities and life-altering actions feel up our calendars rather quickly.

With time we take on more responsibilities. As we go by with our lives, every day or at least every month something new comes up and we take more and more responsibilities on our shoulders. We have to go to work, manage not to miss any meetings. At the same time, we have to catch up with our friends from time to time, make sure our kids grow up to be sinless and fearless. We also have to take care of our parents, wash the dishes and make sure to cook the meals that everyone in our family loves. We then have to not forget to watch newly released movies because we don’t want to miss anything.

And most importantly, we need to keep the big dreams and chase the small ones, not lose our curiosity and excitement towards life. And on top of that, we sometimes have to make appearances in court. The latter seems so unimportant and time-consuming that we don’t even want to think about it. However, missing a court hearing is not that simple: it haunts us for a very long time, in our dreams and in our daily lives. So, don’t you just want an appearance attorney?

It turns out, that an appearance lawyer can make an appearance for the client on some matters without the client being present. So, do you want to delegate your work to others and enhance your own productivity? Find an appearance attorney with AppearMe and don’t show up to court yourself. Here are 3 easy steps on how to find your savior.

appearance attorney Download AppearMe and register

AppearMe is a new web and mobile app that makes your life easier. Simply download the app and register. With the help of AppearMe, you can find an appearance attorney on-demand for your hearing evens hour before your court appearance. Well, of course, if you want to, you can find an attorney a month prior the hearing, as well. Moreover, AppearMe helps its clients find licensed attorneys who will represent them in court. You can find AppearMe in App Store or Google Play Store or simply check out the web version. 

 Create cases

After your registration, you can create cases and request to find skilled and
licensed appearance attorneys who will appear in any court, any hearing, any time.
And you can do that for your traffic ticket cases,
immigration hearings, divorce proceedings, etc.


 Match with an appearance attorney

Once you create your case, our system will match you with an awesome appearance attorney near you. And when the attorney makes an appearance in court for you, they will close the case and provide you with a summary (report) that will put your mind to ease.


But wait! That is not all: AppearMe is also for appearance attorneys who are looking for real clients with real cases. Are you tired of spending a dreadful day in court with only one or two court appearances? Join AppearMe and you will be on your way to super productivity and beyond.

AppearMe is available throughout the state of California now and is expected to expand soon. So go ahead, download the app, create your case and find an appearance attorney. Remember, that nothing is as valuable as your time. And if you can save your nerves with AppearMe, don’t delay anymore.


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