How To Earn More And Work Less?

Most lawyers complain how busy they are. Others work fewer hours and make the same amount of money. What if I say there is a way to earn more, work less and do things you love? You can do so if you are an attorney with an active license doing legal outsourcing. Work as an appearance attorney can be more rewarding than you may think and here is how.

Legal outsourcing – a solution to hectic legal work

Legal outsourcing also known as legal process outsourcing (LPO) is one of the new trends in the legal profession. A lot of law firms prefer to lighten their workload and cut costs by hiring legal research firms or contract attorneys to do work for them. Today a significant portion of jobs are done by attorneys on demand rather than in-house attorneys. It is one of the best ways to do time-consuming work on affordable budgets. Now a lot of law firms realize that it is more budget-friendly to hire a contract attorney rather than full-time employees.

The question is how do contract attorneys find a job? They may not like to jump from one job to another thinking that it will take away from their monthly income. But what if I say you can do the occasional job and still earn steady income? Here is how.

Sign up to the application; it’s free

AppearMe is an automated app that offers job opportunities for thousands of lawyers registered in the portal. The system is easy and secure. Attorneys that have court coverage needs post job offers and those registered in the system get push notifications and emails. End of story.

Once you get the notification, you can respond to the offer or just skip it. This means you will work as many hours as you wish, do things that you love and still earn a decent income that you opt to.

How much can an appearance attorney make per month?

Appearance attorneys registered in the AppearMe portal can earn up to $150 per appearance. Now think of the abundance of offers made in a month, and you can calculate your monthly income according to what you can handle.

AppearMe functions in Texas, Nevada, California and New York. Attorneys in those states can post and accept unlimited job offers in a day.

Sounds good? Go ahead, get registered! It’s free to sign up, and it will take up 2 minutes to complete the registration. AppearMe staff will verify your account and approve it in a couple of hours if you are an attorney with the active license and eligible to practice law according to state bar association.

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact AppearMe 24/7 Customer Support heroes.

For inviting your attorney friends and getting $10 per each sign-up, write to [email protected] and become a referral user.

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