No Time to Draft a Complaint? Find an Attorney Who Can Help Within 60 Seconds

How do other lawyers manage everything, you may be wondering. You work eight and even ten hours a day (draft a complaint, researching, interrogating witnesses) and you still have piles of documents on your desk. Want to know the secret? It is not even a secret anymore. It is already unveiled to thousands of attorneys who use the AppearMe app. These attorneys get connected to a network of legal professionals and exchange jobs when the need comes. Thousands have already experience with AppearMe – the fastest attorney network in the whole country.


Draft a Complaint: How Fast?

The answer may surprise you but it is not unusual for our loyal users in 13 states (California, New York, Texas, Nevada, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Massachusetts). 

60 seconds is the answer (yes, seriously!) Once you post a request it takes a minute on average for legal professionals to commit to your assignment. Review the profiles of 5 attorneys and text the lawyer and communicate with him or her on phone/SMS/email or AppearMe chat if you are posting a freelance legal job. Now they will cover the assignment be that drafting a complaint, researching or writing a memo and will submit it to your consideration. You pay if you are content with the job. Otherwise, you and the hired attorney must follow AppearMe special procedures (for court appearances and depositions, contact AppearMe).


Same Profile for Posting/Accepting Legal Jobs

That’s the best part of the AppearMe application! You can post and accept legal jobs using the same profile! Have an emergency and cannot respond to a discovery set? Hire a professional! Have free time and want to do some freelance? Take assignments! This feature is one of the favorites of AppearMe users. The application covers basically all their legal hiring needs. No need to look elsewhere and waste time! Just have it in your pocket and enjoy a free work schedule!

Here is a list of jobs you can submit/accept: court appearances, depositions, research memo, answers to a complaint, answer to a lawsuit, drafting a complaint, writing a complaint, drafting a lawsuit, drafting a demand letter, drafting a will and trust package, responding to a discovery set, case summaries, drafting deposition questions, drafting deposition sets.


How Do I Become a Member?

The app is free to sign up! No subscription fees, no advance payments, no hidden costs! You pay as you go.

Now that you know that AppearMe is created for attorneys like you, head to to open an account or simply download the app from App Store or Google Play.

If you have any questions, call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected].

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