The Importance of Completing a Court Transcript on Time

When you hire a court reporter with AppearMe, your concern might be the completion of the written transcript on time. Here we value the business of attorneys and care that court professionals with AppearMe are capable of providing timely and accurate written records of all hearings, depositions, and other legal proceedings. Here are just some of the reasons that the completion of a court transcript on time is imperative.

A Court Reporter May Face Sanctions for Failure to Submit a Court Transcript on Time

Failure to submit a written court record on time is horrifying for the client. But it should be scarier for a court professional as he or she risks to lose the license, face penalties and even court charges.

While there may be cases when a court reporter has a good reason for failure to submit the written record, in most cases, they do comply with client requirements as their pay is dependent on timely and accurate submission of the written record.

There are cases of court reporters spending in jail for failure to turn in a written record. In 2003, for example, a court reporter faced a of court charge for failure to submit a transcript of a high-profile Texas murder trial. The person was ordered to jail and remained there until the record was complete.


What If a Court Reporter Has a Good Reason to Fail?

Sometimes things happen in our lives that are out of control. Court professionals may have a health problem, a death in the family or a car accident. While everybody understands that such circumstances give a good reason to a court reporter to miss the deadline, it is still not an excuse to put down the client. Under such circumstances, the best idea for a court professional is to hire help and never miss the court record.

Court professionals may also have an overwhelming number of pages during a busy period which can be a challenge for them. Again, a court reporter should be able to estimate his or her chances of completing the work in advance and get help in the worst case scenario. Scopists and proofreaders can be a helping hand when things get out of control.


Hire a Court Reporter with AppearMe and Never Miss a Deadline

The procedures of AppearMe are designed in a way that a court professional will not receive payment if he or she does not submit the transcript. Only after submitting the written record the automatic system will transfer the money from a hiring attorney’s account to the court reporter’s account. This is the reason that court reporters do their best to submit an accurate and timely court record of the proceedings.

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