AppearMe Helps Attorneys Balance Work and Leisure

A career of an attorney can be stressful. It means long hours of work, missed family vacations and terrifically high level of stress.

This may not be true anymore. Smart attorneys use ways that relieve some of the stress having more time to do what they love.

Work and leisure balance is not a mantra anymore. The new technology opens ways to do less manual work and delegate some of the tasks to the computer to computer technology. Moreover, many matchmakers pair lawyers with clients. These “matchmakers” help attorneys to routinize some of the tasks that would otherwise require a lot of time and effort. There are also a lot of “secondment firms” that dispatch their lawyers to work for a client on a temporary or long-term basis.

The “matchmakers” and “secondment firms” work under the “New Model firms” that disrupt the myth that lawyers’ work is more stressful than other professions. A lot of lawyers are dissatisfied with all-or-nothing jobs and are looking for ways to relieve stress and have more personal life never leaving lawyers’ profession.

Automation and delegation of tasks are solutions to the busy schedule of lawyers. Now they have penetrated into the field of appearance attorneys.

AppearMe: this new startup has revolutionized the way appearance attorneys are hired. Now you can delegate some of your tasks to other attorneys having more time to do what you care. How does AppearMe work?


The automated hiring of appearance attorneys

The whole process is automatic and takes a couple of minutes. You need to sign up to AppearMe and create your appearance. It will take up 2-3 minutes to upload an appearance. The system will guide you through simple steps. Once you upload your appearance, it will take another 60 seconds for an attorney to commit to your appearance. Now you can move on with your day and wait for the report.

The appearance attorney who has committed to your appearance will cover your hearing and submit a brief report. Once he or she submits the report, the system will automatically pay the attorney so you don’t have to worry about making the payment yourself.

Delegating appearances to other attorneys will give you free time to do what you love. But won’t it cost me a fortune?


Personal time costs money

The cost of personal time comes in the form of an attorney fee, of course, but it is lower than you think. The benefits of having extra 2-3 hours outweigh the loss.

If the concern is about the money, you can still do more job earning more than you pay to the attorney.

If the concern is about your personal life, then this time is invaluable. You do not disrupt your regular work but bring the luxury of 2-3 free hours to your busy schedule allowing yourself to enjoy life as others do. What you do is that you combine a high level of work with a reasonable lifestyle.

A lot of lawyers are gaining advantages from the new developments. They don’t want to play everything or nothing game anymore. Sign up to AppearMe and never regret choosing a lawyer’s career.


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