Be in the Loop With Lawyers Who Can Stand in for You at Your Court Hearings

Do you have a motion to write, review legal documents, interview a witness and arrive at a courthouse for an appearance, and all on the same day? Welcome to the club of busy lawyers! This is not something unusual for an attorney who is not in the loop with lawyers who can stand for them at court hearings. Court appearances are the last thing you may want to do when you have dozens of other things to accomplish. In this matter, AppearMe can help. And you don’t need to train your nerves going through the unpleasant experience of locating an appearance attorney. You can do it with a simple click of a mouse or a touch on your mobile screen.


Automation Is the Answer to Court Hearings with AppearMe

Everything is done automatically with AppearMe. When you post a request, thousands of attorneys registered in the portal get emails and push notifications on their mobiles. Imagine a pool of attorneys, that are looking for court appearance jobs, receive the same notification. But only one, only one attorney will get the job! And that attorney is the lawyer who accepts the first. No wonder none of them postpones the answer. They react immediately. You will not manage to read over the next page of your legal document, and your offer will be taken.

Now it’s the turn of the lawyer who accepted the job offer to cover the hearing. Will he or she be able to do that? Let us look at the types of attorneys registered with AppearMe.


Are Attorneys Registered With AppearMe Competent?

Be honest! There is a question on the back of your head: will the attorney be able to complete the assignment? It goes without saying that court appearances mostly concern simple tasks that even a novice lawyer can do. When it comes to more elaborate tasks like depositions and court hearings, you can still be sure that the attorneys registered with AppearMe are competent.

First, AppearMe is very selective in registering the attorneys. Only the lawyers with an active license and without disciplinary history get into the system. We constantly check that through state bar association website.

Second, attorneys select their competence areas when they sign up. Some of them are family law attorneys, others are competent in immigration, administrative law, bankruptcy and more. They cover a wide area of appearances, including motion, CMC, Ex Parte, MSJ, Status Conference, Pretrial, deposition and more.


Choose AppearMe!

We don’t promise you something that we cannot fulfill. We do promise that there will be less burden on your shoulders if you hire an appearance attorney to cover hearings for you instead of doing everything on your own.

If you have questions, please contact AppearMe.

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