When Do You Need an Expert Witness?

Not all legal cases require an expert witness, but they are a critical part of many cases. There are several scenarios that require expert witness services. For example, expert testimony might be required by law to prove certain elements of a cause of action (cases involving medical malpractice and attorney malpractice).

Even if an expert witness is not required by law, the subject matter of some cases is too complex for a jury to understand. Examples include patent cases, mechanical failures, financial disputes, and industrial accidents.

Lastly, an attorney might need to hire a professional witness in case the opposing counsel has a team of expert witnesses to support its case.


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Key Takeaways

  • An expert witness is required by Law.
  • A subject-matter expert is needed to educate the jury or trier of facts.
  • An expert witness is needed if the opposing counsel has a team of expert witnesses.
  • The FREE Directory by AppearMe brings expert witnesses covering a wide range of fields into one place, helping you save time while connecting with experts.

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