6 Ways Hiring Freelance Attorneys with AppearMe Saves Time, Money, and Headaches

Are you looking for a freelance lawyer? We can help! AppearMe provides freelance attorneys throughout the country.

AppearMe is an on-demand and real-time web and mobile application that connects freelance contract lawyers with other attorneys in need of their services.

Here’s how the app works:

  1. submit a request
  2. review the profiles of freelance contract lawyers
  3. choose the right fit
  4. make secure payments


Why Hire Freelance Lawyers with AppearMe? Benefits and Advantages

Hire Freelance Lawyers Faster & Easier

Struggling to find contract attorneys with ease? Although hiring freelancers is a great way to get more work done, and complete tasks faster (without having to commit full-time), the hiring process can be quite tedious. You need to refer to online marketplaces or reach out to professional connections to ask if they can recommend any freelancers they have worked with in the past. With AppearMe, you can schedule a freelance attorney in under a minute.

Hire Quality Candidates that Meet Your Requirements

Despite the rising popularity of freelance work, many attorneys still struggle to find skilled freelancers to help them. To connect the best freelance lawyers with other attorneys, all legal professionals go through a verification process before they can join AppearMe’s nationwide network. Freelancers who are listed on our network are in good standing with their state bar.

Stop Wasting Time on Things that Can Be Automated!

With AppearMe the entire hiring process from start to finish is done automatically without manual intervention. Simply create an account, submit a request, and let AppearMe do the rest!

Access a Nationwide Network of Freelance Contract Lawyers

AppearMe will give you access to the largest nationwide network of freelance attorneys. Our network consists of more than 10,000 legal professionals. And the number of our available freelance lawyers is growing every day.

Pay Only If Satisfied

You can use AppearMe whenever there is a need for freelance services. We don’t have membership fees or any hidden costs. You will always know what you’ll pay upfront. Plus, you will pay the freelancer only when the task has been completed and you’re 100% satisfied.

Manage Everything in One Place

Hire appearance attorneys, deposition attorneys, freelance lawyers, expert witnesses, and litigation support specialists (interpreters, legal writers, court reporters, legal assistants, videographers, etc.) — all from a single account. On top of that, with AppearMe’s free legal CRM you can (1) store and track activities regarding your court cases and all legal matters, (2) create a database of all your contacts and clients, (3) keep work on track by adding notes, reminders, and tasks.


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