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AppearMe is Your Cloud-Based Law Firm with Thousands of Freelance Attorneys!

It’s the end of another busy day, and you look back and wonder “Where did the time go?” Most likely, you didn’t finish all your […]


Freelance Attorneys Make More Money with AppearMe

Affidavits and reports! Answering Interrogatories! And what not! Up to $1200 flat rate! Wouldn’t you go for it? Freelance attorneys make more money with AppearMe […]


Build a Freelance Attorney Career You’ll Love With AppearMe

I’ve been working as a freelance attorney for three years, but only recently I’ve started falling in love with my freelance career. Now many of […]


Skip Unnecessary Job Interviews! Get Hired as a Freelance Attorney Instantly

Ever been asked, “tell me about yourself” or even “why should we hire you?” Sometimes even with a huge baggage of experience, you don’t know […]


7 Best Resources for Becoming a Freelance Lawyer

Excited about flexible work and being your own boss? Then freelancing could be it! It may seem a bit confusing at the beginning since you […]


Price Optimization: How AppearMe Users Earn Big

Are you looking for ways to make extra money? I’d bet the answer is yes. The good news is we know how you can earn […]


5 Tips to Make Legal Freelancing a Source of Steady Income for Attorneys on Demand

Thinking about legal freelancing? A lot of attorneys on demand have taken this path for a good reason. They do work on their own terms […]


It’s a Great Time to Be an Appearance Attorney

Whether you want to create your own work schedule, bring in more money or just make the best possible use of your time (or all […]


Earning Money as a Freelance Lawyer in the Modern Economy

Are you looking for a change in your law career? Do you want to make extra money and explore new opportunities? If so, why not […]


How to Become a Freelance Attorney?

Life at a law firm is a tough road to go. Long work hours, stressful workload and the working environment which may be far from […]

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