AppearMe: A Smart Yet Simple Way to Schedule a Deposition Attorney

So you don’t have time to cover a deposition! Now what? Are you going to contact agencies or ask for recommendations to find the right deposition attorney? 

Well, your approach to hiring is all wrong!

AppearMe is the easiest and fastest way to find a deposition attorney. It’s a real-time and on-demand web and mobile application that connects deposition attorneys with lawyers and law firms.

See what’s possible with AppearMe!


Speed up Your Hiring Process with a Special Appearance App 

AppearMe is a fully automated application, and the whole process from submitting a request to paying the deposition attorney is done automatically. Best of all? Unlike other solutions, you can schedule a deposition lawyer in less than a minute. 

Simply put, with this special appearance app you can stay on top of your work and be more efficient with your time — without wasting hours looking for the right deposition attorney. 


Access a Nationwide Network of Verified Deposition Attorneys

AppearMe lets lawyers and law firms access the largest network of legal professionals with thousands of deposition attorneys nationwide. 

Legal professionals go through a verification process before joining the network. We validate attorneys for good standing, criminal background, and more.


Start Hiring a Deposition Attorney Right Now

Getting started is easy (and it’s FREE to join). You can schedule a deposition attorney in just a few easy steps.

First off, get the AppearMe mobile app (App Store/Google Play) or create an account using our website. Now that you are signed up, submit your first request. The app will automatically send your request to the registered deposition attorneys. Our matching algorithms will invite the best deposition attorneys from our nationwide network based on your specifications. Within seconds of submitting a request, one of the deposition attorneys will accept your request. 

Now you can reach out to your deposition attorney directly through our platform. 

At the end, don’t forget to rate the attorney you’ve hired and leave feedback about your experience.


AppearMe Offers a Wide Array of Additional Services

In addition to hiring deposition attorneys, AppearMe users can find appearance attorneys, freelance lawyers, expert witnesses, and litigation support specialists (interpreters, legal writers, court reporters, legal assistants, videographers, etc.) — in one place.

On top of that users can submit and accept requests using the same account.

Have questions? You are always welcome to contact us anytime for assistance or with questions. You can contact our support team at (888) 900-3080 or [email protected].