Are You a Lawyer in Naples – Use Our App to Refer a case!

If you are a lawyer in Naples, most probably you have looked for attorney referral services in your area. We have good news for you. Now you can make the attorney referrals online using the web and mobile app. Research shows that those law firms and attorneys that use technology in their practice have more chances of getting ahead. Why not make the hiring process technologically advanced? This is a question that does not have two answers. The lawyers that want to be on a competitive edge need to use legal apps instead of relying on outmoded methods of hiring the right person.


Use our App To Refer a Case – It’s Free

If you sign up to AppearMe – a web and mobile app developed by attorneys for attorneys, your hiring time will reduce several times because you will spend 2-3 minutes on request making and committal. But what is more important for an attorney that does not want to spend useless money on agency services is that AppearMe is free for case referrals. You will not pay a penny on referring a case. Why spend dollars without even locating the right attorney when you can register to the web and mobile app and get the services for free? This is a rhetoric question, of course. The answer is that no one wants to spend useless money and time.


A Lawyer in Naples Knows the Value of Legal Apps

Today thousands of lawyers in Naples are already loyal users of this app. They know the value of time and money and get ahead of those that still rely on outmoded ways of court coverage and case referrals. Why not be one of them? Why let your fellow attorneys get ahead of you when you don’t spend a penny on registration? This question has been positively answered by many lawyers already. Be one of them!


Refer a Case: Sign up to AppearMe to Get Ahead

We offer you an unprecedented advantage over other lawyers. We offer you time that you can use on more billable hours and less stress.

We understand that you may be not clear what this app is after all. The short answer is this: find a lawyer in 2-3 minute whether it’s for court coverage or case referrals. You may as well find a court reporter in seconds. For more details, please visit our FAQs or contact  AppearMe. Our helpful staff will explain to you how to sign up using the App Store or Google Play and enjoy all the benefits of the portal. Call us at (888) 900-3080 or send an email to [email protected].