Per Diem Attorney

The life of legal professionals is sometimes hectic. It is not possible to control every aspect of your schedule. Sometimes you have overlapping court dates, or you just don’t want to appear to some court hearings. Hiring a per diem attorney is sometimes a necessity, and no lawyer can avoid that. AppearMe is here to help you find a New York City per diem attorney in seconds. The smart web and mobile application has revolutionized the hiring process with extensive use of automation. You can find a per diem lawyer in no time.


Find a Per Diem Attorney Anytime, Anywhere in New York

If you want to find a per diem lawyer anywhere in New York, AppearMe is your Jack-at-a-pinch. The web and mobile application is used by thousands of lawyers registered in the portal to find per diem services in New York. The application utilizes a smart solution when thousands of lawyers receive an appearance request posted by another legal professional. Here is how it works.

When one lawyer creates an appearance (filling out a couple of fields) and posts the announcement, the lawyers registered in the portal receive emails and notifications on their mobiles. They need to act fast because the first attorney who commits to the job takes up the assignment.

With flexible fee arrangements, this is a very smart legal solution, and many legal professionals use the tool whenever they need or want.


What Can We Do for You?

The attorneys registered in the portal do the work that other attorneys don’t want to do. Have a conflicting situation? Too many court dates on your calendar? This is when AppearMe steps in. If something comes up at the last minute, AppearMe is the right solution with easy and fast procedures. Although you can post your per diem request a day or a week before the appearance time, it is not a requirement. You can post an announcement even 10 minutes before the hearing. Our service is mobile. We go everywhere, covering courts across New York.


Why Register?

First, the application is absolutely free to sign up. You pay nothing. Attorneys who post job offers pay per match. Secondly, this is a fast solution for emergencies or whenever you need a per diem attorney. To have the application in your arsenal of tools will never hurt. Finally, you can use the platform only when needed or desired. No commitments whatsoever.


Sign Up Now or Contact our Staff

You may still have questions about how the portal works. Contact our 24/7 Customer Support with any inquiries and become part of a big attorney platform.