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AppearMe is a legal tool that helps attorneys and law firms in Jersey Shore find a per diem attorney within 60 seconds. Once you submit your request to find a per diem attorney, all attorneys in Jersey Shore registered in our nationwide network will receive emails & push notifications on their mobile devices and will respond to it in a matter of seconds. One of the many great features of AppearMe is that our smart algorithm will choose an attorney who best suits you.

AppearMe also allows legal professionals to submit and accept depositions, various freelance assignments, as well as interpreting and court reporting requests. Our platform also allows you to refer entire cases to a fellow attorney free of charge!

Sign up for AppearMe and find a local per diem attorney for any Jersey Shore courthouse within 60 seconds. Our real-time and on-demand application enables attorneys and law firms to find per diem attorneys a week, a day, or even 10 minutes before the scheduled appearance. 

Download the AppearMe FREE application on your mobile phone from the App Store or Google Play or visit our website to create an account. 


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Courthouses in Jersey Shore:

Honorable Jerry C Lepley

Address: 216 Market St, Jersey Shore, PA 17740, United States

Working Hours: –

Phone:  +1 570-398-4880


US District Court Judge

Address: 240 W 3rd St #218, Williamsport, PA 17701, United States

Working Hours:-

Phone:  +1 570-323-6380


Clinton County District Judge

Address: 217 N Jay St, Lock Haven, PA 17745, United States

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Phone: +1 570-893-4088