AppearMe: Your Jacksonville Coverage Counsel

What if you could find a qualified appearance attorney in less than a minute to appear on your behalf? The good news is, there is a great way to post appearance attorney jobs faster than ever before with AppearMe. This special appearance app is one of the coolest legal tools that made its way into the legal market in recent years and became one of our favorite apps on our phones. So, why wait? Scroll down to learn how to hire your Jacksonville coverage counsel and why we LOVE AppearMe so much!


The Single Best Way to Find Your Jacksonville Coverage Counsel!

AppearMe is a must-have legal app that provides a network of licensed and experienced attorneys for other lawyers who need short-term legal help. Best part? You won’t spend more than a few seconds to hire an appearance attorney with AppearMe!

By the way, AppearMe reviews the information submitted by attorneys and verifies it through the state bar association website. Our network of highly qualified appearance counsels are able to handle cases in different practice areas, including family law, administrative law, immigration, bankruptcy, civil, criminal and more.

Once you post an announcement, hundreds of court appearance attorneys in Florida will get notified about it. One of the qualified legal professionals will accept your request literally within seconds and appear on your behalf!

On top of that, you can post appearance attorney jobs a couple of days, hours and even 10 minutes before your hearing.

Ready to get started? Create an account with us today, post jobs easily, find your Jacksonville coverage counsel and cross the court hearing off your to-do list!


What Are the Benefits of AppearMe!

Tons of lawyers have already downloaded AppearMe to get their work done more quickly, to not feel overwhelmed, and to have more time for the things they really love. Here is more information about why legal professionals love AppearMe so much!

  • Getting registered is absolutely free.
  • Having an account with AppearMe allows you to submit appearance, deposition and court reporting requests, as well as make case referrals for an entire case not only in Florida but in Arizona, California, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington as well.
  • AppearMe is the fastest in the market. You only need a few minutes to find a qualified legal professional.
  • AppearMe users love that they can submit and accept appearance requests using one profile.
  • You don’t need to spend a ton to hire your Florida coverage counsel. The service of attorneys is affordable, and you can see the minimum price for each assignment when submitting a request.
  • If you have a lawyer friend who is also interested in scheduling legal professionals faster, tell him or her about AppearMe and get $40 for making the referral.


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