Can I Apply for Immigration Process Without a Lawyer?

“Do I need to hire an immigration lawyer? This is the first question anyone applying for the immigration process asks. The simplest answer to that question is “it depends”. While many simple immigration cases can be handled without legal representation, there are certainly a lot of situations in which you’ll need the help of an immigration lawyer.

If any of the following descriptions apply to you, it’ll be worth seeking legal advice from an immigration attorney. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

You are Found Inadmissible

Most USCIS forms ask whether you have committed or been convicted of a crime. If you have committed or been convicted of any crime it makes sense to get legal help before you begin the application process.

You are Overwhelmed by the Paperwork

Even though there are forms and guides available online, filling out immigration forms can be quite confusing. Without the help of an expert, you’re likely to make mistakes in the process which can result in delays, the return of the application or even denial.

Immigration lawyers have dealt with this kind of paperwork countless times before. They can help you avoid costly errors and ensure you do not miss any deadlines or any requirements.

You Have Been Deported

If you have been previously deported or forced to leave the United States, you may still have options. Thus it is worth seeking legal advice before applying for the immigration process again. Not all removals from the United States will necessarily result in permanent bars to immigration.

Your Applications Have Been Denied

If this is the case, an immigration attorney will be able to determine what the problem is, and whether it can be remedied.

Your Prospective Employer Hasn’t Hired a Lawyer

If you are obtaining a visa or green card based on an employment offer, but your employer has not offered to handle the immigration process, you better hire an immigration attorney. The thing is the process of obtaining a visa or green card based on employment offers is complicated and failure to follow procedures correctly can result in delays.

You’re Encountering Delays

Many people are waiting an unreasonably long time for a response once they file their immigration forms. If this sounds familiar, consult an attorney! A reputable immigration lawyer will have relationships with USCIS personnel and can ask about delayed or problematic cases.

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