How Can You Find a Legal Videographer Near You?

Looking for a certified legal videographer in your area? Search our directory to find a legal video specialist near you within minutes. 

The nationwide directory of expert witnesses and litigation support specialists enables attorneys and law firms to find the support they need faster and easier than ever before. The platform includes listings of over 10.000 professionals, including legal assistants, paralegals, law librarians, court reporters, court interpreters, legal writers, and more. 

Our free database of expert witnesses covers a wide range of fields, including construction & architecture; law & legal; documents & handwriting; hotel, food & restaurant; insurance; real estate; transportation; family & education, etc.

From evidence gathering to appearances in court, we can handle all your litigation support needs.

AppearMe is a web and mobile application that helps attorneys and law firms find litigation support within 60 seconds. We offer the most easy-to-use and innovative legal tool available to legal professionals nationwide. AppearMe provides an all-in-one solution enabling you to find appearance, deposition and freelance attorneys, as well as expert witnesses and litigation support specialists using a single AppearMe account.


How Does it Work?

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  3. Browse and select a legal videographer who meets your requirements

All videographers listed in our directory are certified specialists and have the necessary knowledge and equipment to get the job done right. 

Sign up for AppearMe to have access to over 10,000 expert witnesses & litigation support specialists at your fingertips. Download the AppearMe free application on your mobile phone from the App Store or Google Play or just visit our website to create an account. 

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