How Can a Lawyer Help You with Your Bankruptcy Proceedings?

Going through bankruptcy or filing for bankruptcy can be confusing and stressful. While you have the right to file for bankruptcy “pro se” (aka on your own), a bankruptcy lawyer can walk you through the process and ensure that this stressful process is resolved as easily as possible.

Luckily, today you don’t need to ask for recommendations, look at online reviews, call and arrange meetings with lawyers. You can find the right lawyer to handle your bankruptcy case in a matter of seconds with the help of AppearMe. You will greatly benefit from the expertise and experience of a qualified lawyer thanks to our new service called AppearMe for Consumers. But first, let’s learn how a lawyer can help with your bankruptcy proceedings.


Your Bankruptcy Lawyer Knows What Type of Bankruptcy You Should File

Once the decision has been made to file for bankruptcy, you must then determine which chapter of bankruptcy is most beneficial for your situation. Of course, you can’t do that alone, right?

You will have the option of filing either a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Both have their pros and cons. Your attorney can help you understand the requirements for each type of filing and determine which chapter is most beneficial depending on your unique situation.


Expect Your Bankruptcy Lawyer to Prepare and File Your Paperwork

In case you don’t know, filing for bankruptcy involves a lot of paperwork. The court needs to see a complete picture of your assets, debts, and spending. With so much paperwork to complete, there’s always the chance that you might miss something important or make a mistake. Filling out the paperwork incorrectly or failing to report certain information can cost you everything.

If the court thinks that you’re not honest about your income, debts, or other vital information, they can throw out your bankruptcy proceeding.

But if you have a good lawyer by your side he or she will help you avoid mistakes and ensure that your filing is correct and complete on the first try.


The Lawyer Will Guide/Represent You at Hearings

After filing for bankruptcy, you must attend a mandatory hearing of creditors. But depending on your case, you or your attorney might participate in other hearings as well. Your lawyer will help you prepare for your hearing in advance, present yourself well and speak on your behalf at the hearing.


You Don’t Know the Complicated Bankruptcy Laws – Your Lawyer Does

Bankruptcy laws are extremely complex and change over time. A competent and experienced lawyer is familiar with current bankruptcy laws, courtroom procedures, the bankruptcy filing process, and bankruptcy filing timeframes.


Lawyers Offer You Their Knowledge and Experience

Filing for bankruptcy can be a complex process. So it may be difficult for you to go through the process alone. A lawyer can use their legal expertise to help you know how to proceed, protect you from making costly mistakes and achieve the best possible result in your case.

In simple words, your lawyer’s expertise will guide you through the whole process of bankruptcy and increase your chances of success.


Final Thoughts

Thinking of filing your bankruptcy on your own? Think again!

While filing your own bankruptcy case can save you a few dollars, filing without an attorney can cost you more than you’d save doing it alone.

Like most legal matters, bankruptcy is a complex process. So do not risk filing for bankruptcy alone without the advice of an experienced lawyer. For your own sake, hire a qualified bankruptcy lawyer to guide you through the process if you want to succeed.

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