Find an Appearance Attorney to Manage Your Appearance

Every lawyer goes through a troublesome experience when short deadlines and client demands make him work 50 hours per week and still fail to manage things to be done. If you have faced situations when you cannot handle the workload and stress anymore, we are here to offer you an easy solution. Find an appearance attorney to cover at least part of your hearings and you will be able to meet the work demands and what’s more – you will have time for your family and friends.

The market offers court appearance services in an unlimited number, but we offer something that is unique. You can find an appearance attorney by a simple click in less than 60 seconds. You will not find an easier solution to your court appearance needs. Here is how it works.


AppearMe – a Savvy Solution to Your Court Appearance Needs

We don’t want to get too high, but one thing is clear – the automated nature of AppearMe puts it aside from all other agencies that offer court appearance services. We provide a portal where attorneys meet. Registered attorneys post and receive court appearance requests through an automated interface. This means that the human involvement is minimum. This is something no other competitor offers at a competitive price. It disrupts the old ways of hiring an appearance attorney and creates technological solutions to long-lasting problems.

The attorney who makes the request (attorney of record) has to fill in 3-4 fields to make an appearance request. This takes less than 2-3 minutes. Once the appearance is announced, the attorneys registered in the portal receive push notifications, as well as emails, and one of them commits to the appearance. The attorney (in this case acting as an appearance attorney) who is the first to react will cover the court hearing. That is why the system is so efficient and fast.

AppearMe is unique also in the sense that attorneys on both side benefit. Those who post appearance (attorneys of record) find an appearance attorney at a competitive price but at a speed that no lawyer can reckon today. You can post an appearance a day, hours or even 10 minutes before your court hearing. Whether in an emergency or under a high level of stress, you can find an appearance attorney by a simple click.

On the other hand, those acting as an appearance attorney can make a steady income by committing to multiple jobs offers that they receive during a day. If you decide to take up court appearance jobs only, you can make up to $ 200 per day without even thinking of working as an in-house lawyer.

Another benefit of AppearMe is that you may post appearances and accept appearances with the same account. It means you can both be an attorney of record and an appearance attorney using the same account.


Appearance Attorney? But Won’t it Cost Me a Fortune?

One of the advantages of AppearMe is that attorneys of record don’t pay higher than the market offers. Those who post court appearance offers pay exactly the same price or lower than the market offers and enjoy a service that is faster than of any other agency.

There is a fixed price per each appearance type, and you can consult our pricing here. If you have any questions, please contact us or read our blog. We will be happy to assist you with any questions and easy signup.

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