Receive Court Appearance Job Notifications Daily

A real-time on-demand app called AppearMe offers opportunities to receive court appearance job notification on a daily basis. If you are a court appearance professional committed to making court appearance your regular practice, we strongly recommend you to sign up to AppearMe. You can make a steady income through the portal while being flexible in what you do.


What is AppearMe?

AppearMe is a real-time on-demand application that matches attorneys of record with appearance attorneys. The process is automated with minimum manual involvement. Once registered and verified you can start submitting and accepting appearance requests.


Why Should I Get Registered?

AppearMe is a portal that is in the interests of both the attorneys of record and appearance attorneys. Attorneys of record are lawyers that are limited on time. Appearing to court hearings every time is hard especially when you are under stress or a heavy workload. A lot of attorneys of record prefer assigning court appearances to other attorneys willing to pay for the service that relieves them of obligations they cannot meet.

Appearance attorneys are lawyers that commit to assignments posted by attorneys of record. Naturally, they get paid for their services. AppearMe can be a source of steady income for appearance attorneys who want to take up job assignments on a daily basis. We have thousands of lawyers already registered that post tons of appearance requests on a daily basis. If you are a lawyer who is willing to make job appearances your regular practice, AppearMe is for you.


How do I Get Registered?

Signing up to AppearMe is easy. You need to take two easy steps here

Step 1:

Fill in your name, email and password.

Step 2:

Fill in the state, bar number, phone number and accept the Terms of Use.


AppearMe follows strict guidelines and reviews each appearance attorney profile carefully to take care that non-licensed attorneys don’t get into the system. AppearMe’s decision to approve an appearance attorney is based mostly on information available on the state bar association’s website. Many factors are considered, ranging from disciplinary actions to inactive bar license.

If your information is complete and accurate, AppearMe will approve your profile within 24 hours. Now you can receive and accept appearance requests.


Can I Receive Appearance Requests on a Daily Basis?

Thousands of lawyers are already registered in the states of NevadaCalifornia and Texas. We have attorneys who signed up in Paradise, Henderson, Los Angeles and elsewhere. Your chances that you will receive appearance requests in any of the cities and towns of Nevada and California are rather high.

To make things easier, we offer our attorneys to receive appearance job notifications only from the geographic location they prefer. To do that, they have to select the geographic location in their preferences. AppearMe will send job notification only from the areas you prefer. This makes the work of appearance attorney a lot easier allowing them to work where they need or desire.

AppearMe is the fastest and easiest way of getting hired as an appearance attorney. We expect you to see as part of our attorney team soon. Sign up now and start receiving appearance requests!

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