Court Appearance in Texas, New York, Nevada and California

If you are one of the lawyers that have gone through the annoying process of finding a court appearance attorney through agencies or friend recommendations, we have good news for you. The old days are gone, and now you can find an appearance attorney in less than a minute in Texas, New York, Nevada and California. We expect you to do a simple thing of signing up to the AppearMe app without any commitments and with no more hassle. What does this mean?


You Don’t Pay when You Sign Up

You don’t need to pay extra bucks to buy the software. It is absolutely free to join. Once registered and verified, you can submit and accept as many appearance requests as you wish. There are no limitations or requirements for the number of assignments posted or accepted. This is a tool that you always will have in your pocket for situations when you need appearance attorney services or when you want to take up appearance attorney jobs.


Less Than a Minute – Is this True?

We have thousands of lawyers already registered in the states of Texas, New York, Nevada and California. We have attorneys of record who post tons of appearance requests during a day, and we have appearance attorneys who commit to those requests in less than a minute.

How can this be possible? AppearMe is a software that connects appearance attorneys with attorneys of record with minimum manual effort. When the attorney of record posts an appearance request, appearance attorneys receive instant notifications. Thousands of appearance attorneys will receive a push notification, and chances that one of them will commit to the announced request are big. Our record time of committing to appearance request is less than a minute, and you can expect that to happen to you.


Sing up to AppearMe for Court Appearance Jobs in Texas, New York, Nevada and California

So far we cover Texas, New York, Nevada and California as our service areas. To receive tons of job notifications in these states, you need to sign up with two easy steps. It will take you a couple of minutes to fill in your profile info and hours for AppearMe to verify your account. Once verified you can accept appearance jobs and make it a source of steady income for you. Intrigued? Sign up and get started on the Web or download from App Store or Google Play!

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