Best Court Appearance Jobs in Texas, Nevada, and California

The work as a court appearance attorney can be rewarding as never before. You can find the best offers in the market in Texas, Nevada, and California just by signing up to a portal called AppearMe. Due to the automated process of posting and accepting appearance requests, the web and mobile application has become a useful tool in the hands of many legal professionals. Here is what we mean.


Why Do You Call it Best Court Appearance Jobs?

AppearMe offers best job opportunities for court appearance attorneys due to factors that are unique to this service.

First, the automated process of matching attorneys of record with appearance attorneys allows getting multiple job opportunities during a day. You can make AppearMe a tool for steady income by working regularly as an appearance attorney making at least $60 or up to $100 and/or $140 per appearance. This is a competitive price in the market which adds value when you consider the number of requests received in a day.

Second, there is a minimum price for each appearance type, but the attorneys of record are encouraged to bid for a higher price in case of emergencies. The chances are that you will get an appearance request at a price higher than the market value.

Third, the work is flexible without prior commitments. You can take as many jobs as you wish or need and work at hours and at locations that best suit you. You can also select the geographic locations you want to receive job notifications from and work only in the areas that are closer to you.


Do I Become an Employee of AppearMe?

No, you don’t become an employee of AppearMe. AppearMe is a connecting agency between the attorneys of record and appearance attorneys. It merely matches attorneys for specific assignments. But when you sign up to AppearMe, you accept the Terms of Use and enter into a legal relationship with AppearMe. We strongly encourage you to read our  Terms of Use before you sign up.


My License is not Active, Can I Sign up?

No, only attorneys with an active license may sign up and use AppearMe. If your license becomes suspended, terminated or inactive for any reason, you must immediately delete your account and stop using the app.

We take care that only attorneys with active license get into the system by checking through their state bar association website. We want to make sure professional conduct of attorneys and this requirement is a precondition for the competent relationships between the attorneys of record and the appearance attorneys.

We encourage you to sign up and gain access to multiple job opportunities. This is a chance you cannot miss. Sign up or get started on the Web or download from App Store or Google Play or contact us for questions at [email protected] or call us at (818) 744-3505.

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