Why Miss a Deadline? Hire an Attorney on Call!

Tough deadlines? Nothing new for a lawyer. Everyone goes through the hassle of a heavy caseload, but not everyone knows the solution. You realize, of course, that hiring an attorney on call may be a blessing in the dark. Few realize, however, that attorneys on call bring more benefits than the lost bucks on lawyer fees when you hire the legal professional through AppearMe.


No Kidding! You Earn More Than You Pay!

Naturally, court appearances are not free of charge. You pay attorney fee to someone else to cover a hearing for you. But do you really?

If you are honest, you must admit that your billable hour pay is sometimes higher than the attorney fee. Even if it isn’t, you don’t want to lose a client or lose your reputation and face by failing the appear to a scheduled court hearing.

AppearMe helps thousands of lawyers to find the lawyer they need at an affordable yet competitive price. The attorneys may pay as low as $75 which is one of the most affordable fees in the market.


Time is What You Gain

One thing no one can argue is that attorneys of record gain something more valuable – time. They need this time to spend on more pressing tasks or meet their deadlines without spoiling their nerves. Doing your job promptly is something appreciated by many lawyers who use AppearMe.

This is true not only because they don’t spend time traveling to court and back, but they also spend as little as 5 minutes on locating the lawyer they need. It takes 2-3 minutes to schedule an appearance and another 1 minute until the legal professional they need accepts the offer.


Attorney on Call – a Savior in Emergencies

AppearMe is a real blessing at times of emergencies. You may have personal issues or an urgent arrangement that you cannot postpone. Appearing to a court 20 km far away from your location is something no one can handle.

You need to post an appearance with AppearMe (2-3 min of your time), and thousands of lawyers will receive notifications on their mobiles and emails.

One of the conveniences of AppearMe is that the legal professional accepts job offers in their neighborhood. This means that the appearance lawyer does have to travel 20 km as you do. He may be in the courthouse, next to the courthouse or somewhere in the neighborhood. This makes AppearMe an extremely efficient tool which is convenient both for the hiring lawyer and for the legal professional who accepts the job offer.

Whether you want to post court appearance jobs or you are someone who wants to take court coverage jobs, AppearMe is for you.

Sign up today if you haven’t done so. If any questions, contact us or read our help page.

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