AppearMe – Connecting Attorneys

Have you ever heard of AppearMe, a web and mobile app that connects attorneys of record with appearance attorneys? The real-time and on-demand app facilitates the connection between attorneys making the hiring process of appearance attorneys effortless.


AppearMe – a Connecting Agency

AppearMe is a connecting agency between attorneys of record and appearance attorneys. We don’t have in-house appearance attorneys. Rather, AppearMe facilitates the connection between the attorneys of record and appearance attorneys.

Due to the automated process of matching attorneys of record with appearance attorneys, the portal is easy to use and what’s important – without any commitments.

You don’t commit to anything when you sign up. We have no registration fee or other service costs except for the processing fee which is charged per each appearance (see our processing fee here).

We have a competitive pricing policy for all attorneys. Attorneys of record don’t pay more than the market offers while enjoying the benefits of ease and speed of the hiring process. There is nothing to lose when you sign up. You have a legal tool in your pocket that you can use when needed or desired.


Our Record Time of Finding an Appearance Attorney is 60 seconds

AppearMe works in real time and appearances are claimed within an average time of 1 minute and 30 seconds from the time of submittal. The first appearance attorney accepting the new appearance announced will become the appearance attorney for the hearing/appearance. Our record time is 60 seconds, and you can count on this speed any time you post a court appearance request.

Once an appearance is posted, appearance attorneys get push notifications on their emails or mobile phones. The only requirement to get the assignment is to act quickly.

Appearance attorneys can select the geographic location where they would like to work getting notifications only from those areas.


AppearMe Reviews Data Submitted by Attorneys

AppearMe reviews the information submitted by attorneys and verifies the data through the attorney’s state bar association website considering factors like disciplinary action or inactive bar license. In case an attorney does not qualify, he or she will not get into the system.

Those that do get into the system will have the chance to post and receive job notifications without any limitations. Attorneys of record can post numberless appearance attorney requests and appearance attorneys can receive an inexhaustible number of job offers.


Get $10 by Inviting More Attorneys

You can get $10 if you refer to your attorney friends. When you sign up, you will see the INVITE button right below the main menu. Enter the emails of your attorney friends to invite them to join the portal. You can invite as many attorneys as you wish. Once your friends get registered, you will get a $10 for each sign-up.

AppearMe is connecting attorneys. We are here to serve you and your attorney friends whenever the need comes. Be the one to take advantage of this technological innovation and never miss your chance to be on top of legal practice. Sign up to AppearMe or email us at [email protected] or call us at (818) 744-3505.

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